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Today Ephesus remains to be one of the top visited ruins around the world. Ephesus has always been a top priority for people throughout the ages, including pagans of the Greeks, legions of the Romans, Hordes of Persians to Local Turks today. Importance of Ephesus comes from its strategic location in between Greece and Asia. Caravans and Ships of the past used Ephesus port as a passage from Asia to Europe. As we know Ephesus was founded by a Greek Colony in seventh century B.C. and stayed as a Greek city till first century B.C. In between this time period Ephesus was attacked and occupied by several hostile nations such as Persians. Ephesus always kept its Greek characteristics. Roman Empire arrived in Ephesus around first century and life in Ephesus changed completely. Ephesus became the capital city of Asia Minor state of Roman Empire and turned into the second biggest city on earth in those days. The most popular and the best ruins in Ephesus today are,

  • The Odeon, where they had concerts and town meetings, has capacity of 1200 and really well preserved condition.
  • Statue of Nike, showing us a good example of Greek and Roman Pagan beliefs.
  • Gate of Hercules, with it is monumental stand and showing us how people welcomed foreigners back in those days.
  • Marble Street of Curetes, giving us a great panoramic view of city planning in those days.
  • Terrace Houses, telling us all the details of daily life of a rich man in those day.
  • Fountain of Trajan, showing us advancement in science they had and greatness they could reach in building.
  • Latrines, showing us how different lifestyle and moral values people had back in those days.
  • Library of Celsus, a great wonder of modern archeological restoration and a greater wonder of Imperial Roman monumental construction. Ephesus Library was not just big, actually it was the second biggest library of the ancient world.
  • Grand Theater, one of the biggest ancient theaters in the world with 24.000 people capacity. Theater is still used in the modern times for shows and concerts. Theater shows and gladiator fights took place in the theater in the past.

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Plese keep in mind that your tour will be tailored exclusively for you. You can decide when to start your tour. We believe starting around 08:30 to 09:00 will be always the best, but also starting as early as possible is better for cruise guests, coming to Kusadasi (Ephesus) or Izmir, to avoid the crowds. Our tours include Hotel / Cruise Port (Izmir, Kusadasi) / Airport (Istanbul, Izmir) pick up & drop by private non-smoking coach including parking fees and gas. 
Your very own Private Licenced Tour Guide in languages like English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, German. Please keep in mind that, languages except English may create a little rise in the tour price.
All government taxes, official expenses and all required insurance.
No extra, hidden, suprise, unexpected charges! Please keep in mind that prices mentioned up there are pick ups from Kusadasi Cruise Port, Kusadasi Hotels and Selcuk Hotels. Starting the tour from Izmir and Istanbul can move the price higher.
No lines at the attractions' enterance because we can arrange your tickets before your arrival if you request.

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